• Leading Footwear Distributor

    Intershu is one of South Africa’s premier and progressive distributors of footwear, handbags, purses, wallets, luggage, and belts. We pride ourselves on offering a transcendent wholesale experience, where precious labels, new technologies and heritage of service combine to create brilliant results.

    We specialize in the marketing and distribution of instantly recognizable international brands as well as innovative house brands. This privately-owned company, established in 1998, keenly follows global fashion trends and successfully translates them into a creative, meaningful contextualized fashion footwear experience. The Intershu team are at the cutting edge of international trends. This evolves into styling and fashion motifs best suited to the South African fashion arena.

    Our diverse international brand portfolio affords us the privilege of trend and brand stewardship and through extensive travel to leading global trade fairs we build and maintain strong relationships with the best international suppliers.

    Leading Footwear Distributor


  • Footwork

    Standing out is part of Footwork shoes identity. Each trend-driven style speaks to the fearless attitude of those who wear our shoes—edgy embellishments, thoughtful details, and archive-inspired vintage touches make each Footwork silhouette truly unique. Designed to be covetable, effortless, and versatile, our collections offer something for every occasion and adventure. From rocker to bohemian to trendsetter, we have it all. As a South African Label, Footwork promises to bring you the latest high fashion footwear dipicting the latest trends at an affordable price.

  • Grendha

    Created in 1994, Grendha offers a wide range of footwear for women and children, by reinterpreting trends. Based in Orlando, Florida, the brand arrived in the US market in 1992 by launching its first range of jelly shoes. It was then marketed by independent distributors, before opening an American Office in 1994. Three months later, Grendha established its sales force. Manufactured in Brazil, Grendha shoes are sold in shops in all the major fashion cities. Both the 1990s retro symbol and a futuristic accessory, the jelly by Grendha is a basic wardrobe essential; their collection includes vibrant colours, opaque or transparent material; playful designs decorated with flowers and are always waterproof. Welcome to the always modern world of shoes Grendha; a retro classic!

  • Hush Puppies

    Hush Puppies was founded in 1958, an era where uncomfortable dress shoes were your only choice of footwear – even on the weekends. When we said we invented causal, we weren’t kidding. We set out to find a solution for sore feet, otherwise known as “barking dogs.” Introducing the world to casual shoes and a more casual lifestyle, we created shoes to help them hush their puppies. We’ve stood for comfort from the beginning, and we continue to innovate through our Bounce Technology platform today.

  • Ipanema

    Ipanema is a fun, chic and colorful Brazilian made sandal and flip flop collection named after one of the most exotic and famous beaches in the world. Using the spectacular coastal neighborhood of Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as the backdrop and inspiration, we create the Ipanema footwear collection to be the perfect blend of a relaxed seaside lifestyle with the sophistication of city glamour.

    Ipanema sandals and flip flops are coveted for their creative and comfortable styles made using our super soft and durable Flexpand 100% recyclable plastic. With eyes on the environment and the future, the Ipanema collection is made using at least 30% recycled materials, while 99% of all factory waste is recycled or reused.


  • Pierre Cardin Men

    Pierre Cardin is an international brand from Paris which has become a household brand for South Africans. The brand depicts the style, fashion, and comfort of a footwear brand that is known globally. The men's part of the business caters to a vast market with styles ranging from formal, contemporary, and casual. Drawing inspiration from the latest trends around the world, this globally sourced product is Pierre Cardin at its best. Pierre Cardin - Enough Said.

  • Soft Style

    Soft Style by Hush Puppies is a ladies fashion brand with the same comfort as Hush Puppies at an affordable price. The Soft Style range is a range of footwear made with man made materials incorporating the every day ladies style with comfort and fashion. With a brand like Hush Puppies behind Soft Style we are able to give you the comfort of a well known brand at a price that caters for the wide South African market. Soft Style by Hush Puppies

  • Rider

    The Rider line began in Brazil in 1986 with one of the world's largest shoe manufacturers, Grendene. In fact, in Brazil, you don't put on your flip flops, you put on your Riders, which is a testament to their enduring popularity in a country that knows a thing or two about getting the most out of life.In 1997 Rider came to the USA. To this day, Rider products are still designed and produced completely in Brazil. Rider’s existence is driven by a culture that celebrates an active, outdoor lifestyle and a spirit of freedom and self-expression. Rider sandals are born from Brazilians’ passion for life.

  • Rockspring

    Rock Spring shoes are labelled "The shoe that remembers you", or rather your foot that is. Inside every shoe there is memory foam, as you wear your shoes, the insole will copy the mold of your foot ensuring the most comfortable fit. With our handwoven uppers and classic styling, it is no wonder 4x fed cup winner Bara Stycova uses the Rock Spring on a daily basis. Established in 2005, Rock Spring has 15 years of experience in comfort footwear.

  • ZAXY2

    Zaxy - a world-famous fashion brand of shoes proudly designed and produced in Brazil - ignites a unique inner force that is inside every woman. When you put on a pair of Zaxys, you're using fashion as a form of expression. You can walk around confident that you're looking stylish through vibrant colours and feminine patterns. With eyes on the environment and the future, Zaxy is proud to make products using recycled materials that are 100% recyclable, eco friendly and water friendly.

  • DKS

    DKS - Dlala Ka Style meaning switch up your style which is exactly what we allow you to be. DKS are not just sneakers, they are a style that you choose to switch up from day to night, from swag to formal. Inspired by the South African streets, this homegrown brand is the epitome of what true South African style is and will be for years to come. You are the DKS inspiration.

  • Pierre Cardin Ladies

    Pierre Cardin. During the last half of the twentieth century, Pierre Cardin (1922) became a prominent and widely admired designer as well as a highly successful businessman. Cardin is known for his acute intuition, which often made him a trendsetter and design leader. Having such a great history in the market the Pierre Cardin ladies range caters for a wide market of consumers from trendsetters to your more contemporary lady. With formals, casual, and contemporary footwear there is something in our range for every lady today. Pierre Cardin - Enough Said.

  • Pierre Cardin Ladies handbags

    Pierre Cardin. During the last half of the twentieth century, Pierre Cardin (1922) became a prominent and widely admired designer as well as a highly successful businessman. Cardin is known for his acute intuition, which often made him a trendsetter and design leader. Having such a great history in the market the Pierre Cardin handbags are fashion-forward styles that will take your look to the next level.